vFlyer Adds New Features for Realtors


Sell-side classifieds ad platform and content syndicator vFlyer has announced the launch of some new tools for real estate professionals:

Building on the strength and flexibility of its existing platform, vFlyer’s newly integrated functionality provides agents and brokers with enhanced ways to distribute their ads, sell a broader set of property categories and promote agent background and profiles to more readily sell or rent residential and commercial properties through online classified ad marketplaces. vFlyer is also announcing its FeedExpress™ service that enables large real estate companies with over 1,000 listings to automatically submit, publish and distribute flyers through dynamic feed-based syndication.

Here’s the full press release. I previously wrote about vFlyer in this post (scroll):

Basically the company helps sellers (private parties or professionals) create a better looking ad with graphical templates and then pumps that listing out to numerous sites including Craigslist. There’s been “aggregation” on the buy side; this is a version of that on the sell side. It’s free and ultimately ad-supported. That may be a tough one, however. I think there’s a premium version that vFlyer could easily charge for given the convenience factor. (Less rich templates, fewer sites for free; more sites for a fee.) They’re also doing SEO for these pages so this becomes a microsite as well.

The service is very nice and certainly it helps address fragmentation on the sell side. But their current business model is the weak link in an otherwise strong service.

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  1. Future of Real Estate Marketing Says:

    vFlyer Retools For Real Estate

    vFlyer, who I’ve written about before, has just launched a series of enhancements that tailor the service even more specifically for real estate professionals.
    Among the new features are more real estate-related categories and new syndication pa…

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