GoToMeeting: Online Meetings Made Awful

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I was supposed to be on the phone for the Dick Larkin Webinar on Microsoft’s Live Local 3-D and indeed I was — trying to dial in for the past hour. What a waste of time. Dick did his best to cover and Microsoft’s Bobby Figueroa did a terrific job talking in a vacuum.

I kept calling back in trying to get into the call, unsuccessfully. We had a technical rehearsal yesterday that went generally okay. But based on the fiasco today I would strongly recommend against using GoToMeeting for future conferences given this very poor experience.

My apologies to the audience.

2 Responses to “GoToMeeting: Online Meetings Made Awful”

  1. Dick Larkin Says:

    I apologize to the audience, Greg and Bobby as well. The right thing to do would have been to terminate the webinar and reschedule for a later date.

    It’s been very frustrating trying to use this new technology to communicate to an interested audience.

    It doesn’t change the need to provide information, but this experience was by far the worst I’ve experienced online.

    Dick Larkin
    Small Business Commandos

  2. Chris Sole Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I hope Microsoft doesn’t insist on using its own products for this kind of event. I recommended a different vendor (Convoq) to Dick assuming he can chose.

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