Dueling Mom Sites

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Peter Krasilovsky blogs about yet another mom-oriented site, called Modern Mom, which is launching 12 city guides today according to Krasilovsky (although the site has apparently been around for four years). Just add them to the growing list of competitors:

I’m sure I’ve left some out.


2 Responses to “Dueling Mom Sites”

  1. Matt Says:

    Greg, Thanks for the Minti mention.

    We launched in March and this is the first of several vertical “ranked advice” style communities that the owner of Minti (Vibe Capital) plans to launch. We are also licensing our back-end technology to others who want to build their own vertical communities 🙂

    Matt – Minti co-founder

  2. family2point0 Says:

    Hi Greg, yes the space is getting busy. We have just past the 10,000 member mark milestone. I will blog about Modern Mom and see if it fits in Family 2.0 on Talking Tech. There is also another newcomer, Caresquare.com in the babysitter/nanny matching space.


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