Zune, Live.com and MSFT ‘Points’

I’m almost reluctant to write this post but my “inner Howard Stern” compels me to do so.

I’ve stayed away from the whole Zune vs. iPod discussion/debate, partly because I haven’t held the Zune and partly ’cause I’ve got too much to cover anyway. As an aside, the social/sharing dimension (rather than the player itself) is the leverage point for MSFT against Apple here.

Anyway, some time ago Bill Gates suggested MSFT might share ad revenues with search users (as an incentive to get them to switch). Others have done this and others are doing or contemplating some version of this now.

So far MSFT hasn’t implemented such a system. Meanwhile, it’s search share is less than 10% (September, Nielsen).

The idea of sharing “ad revenues” with users is not going to get them to switch from other engines unless the money is real and not a token amount. And there are many reasons not to do it generally. But what MSFT could do instead is give away “Microsoft Points” for using Live.com. Those points could then be redeemed for music on Zune. While it would be a gimmick, there’s more of a “there” there than a vague promise of ad revenue sharing.

That would be an interesting and potentially more successful way to get young people to use Live.com and to help brand and market Zune.


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