Late Monday Miscellaneous

The NY Daily News becomes the most recent publisher to add the Quigo AdSonar private-label PPC platform. This means that newspaper sales staff can sell performance-based ad products directly on their site (they can also receive ad placements through Quigo advertisers). Here’s the release.

Classifieds aggregator and marketplace Oodle is set to launch personals and pets. Personals and a revampedĀ  version of Pets will go live on December 4.

According to an item in MarketingVox, the National Retail Federation found, in its annual consumer survey, that almost “half (47.1 percent) of consumers say they will make at least one holiday purchase online, up from 36.0 percent three years ago, and most – 88.7 percent – also say they browse before going to stores to shop . . .” But note that even where the Internet is involved offline purchases are dominant, anywhere from 68% to 90% depending on the research survey consulted.

Travel fare prediction engine, Farecast is starting to offer price guarantees to travel shoppers. TechCruch explains: “the company is now offering to lock in ticket prices against an increase for one week for $1. When the testing period for the product, called Fare Guard, has ended the price will become $10.” This is a critical feature to give consumers confidence to use the product, which otherwise they might not have.

As I mentioned last week, Multiply, the social network for friends, family and a limited number of others, launched its version 3.0 today, which streamlines and tweaks some of the site’s existing features. Here are some previous posts on the site.

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