IBM Bullish on ‘3-D Web’

According to this Reuters news article:

IBM is ramping up its push into virtual worlds with an investment of roughly $10 million over the next 12 months, including an expanded presence within the popular 3D online universe Second Life.

Chairman and Chief Executive Sam Palmisano is set to visit Second Life on Tuesday, following a “town hall” meeting with some 7,000 employees in China, and speak with the more than 250 IBM employees on one of the company’s virtual islands.

And also:

The company is also looking to build a private 3D intranet where it will be able to discuss sensitive business information. It is moving to champion what it calls “v-business” — short for virtual business — just as it championed “e-business”, or electronic business, during the dot-com boom.

And IBM says it wants to build 3-D environments on the broader Internet as well. This just confirms that 3-D and “virtual worlds” aren’t simply a novelty but an important emerging online trend.


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