Yahoo! Food Glorious Food

Yesterday, Yahoo! launched its “Green Center” for Autos. Today: Yahoo! Food. Among others, this is an Epicurious competitor.

Food looks like a pretty rich (no pun intended) site, with community, Answers and video among other features. But what’s more interesting — on a “meta-level” — is the contrast between Yahoo!’s approach to verticals and Google’s.

Compare “Thanksgiving recipes”:

And Yahoo! Food has the benefit of content from, among others,, and domestic and culinary divas: Martha Stewart and love-her-or-hate-her Rachel Ray.

This obviously presents brand advertising opportunities and cable-TV like demographic targeting (plus Yahoo! registration allows for that). This will also be a way to reach a large female audience — that’s not a sexist comment, I love to cook too, but women are clearly the target audience (see Martha, Rachel et al.)


Here’s more from the WSJ (sub req’d)


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