Ask Offers ‘Smart’ Elections Info

Ask.comFrom Barry at SEW, Ask has joined the search engines/portals providing special election information. Check out the “Elections” integration into Smart Answers.

I’ll bet now you’d expect me to digress into one of my occasional anti-Bush rants. Believe me, the temptation is there. But rather than do so, I’d encourage everyone regardless of orientation to vote on Tuesday.

There are lot more important things in the world than whether Google is aggressively building a radio ad sales force or whether ad spending on social networking sites is set to take off. These are interesting things, but they’re a lot less important than:

  1. Whether the situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate and more Iraqi civilians and Americans die
  2. Whether N. Korea continues its nuclear program
  3. Whether Iran develops “the bomb”
  4. Whether we’re creating irreparable climate change that will dramatically affect our children’s lives
  5. Whether disease and/or starvation and/or civil wars continue to claim thousands and thousands of lives in Africa every year

Of course, the list goes on. We are fat (if not happy) and pretty complacent about our government and the world situation. All of it may be overwhelming, but the very least you can do is vote (whatever your politics) and help ensure that our democracy doesn’t atrophy from neglect.


Related: USAToday charts election-related ad spending by media outlet, comparing 2002, 2004 and this year. Newspapers, Radio and PR are the categories showing the most growth.


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