‘Conversations’ About Mobile Search

Last week I was at the Nuance Conversations event in Orlando Florida, which showcased the company’s speech technology applications and its implementations among Nuance’s many partners. Some of those present were Google, Vodafone, Motorola, Nokia, Sprint, InfoSpace, Ingenio, Jingle, Promptu, Voxbox and V-Enable.

What the conference seemed to represent was a “coming out” party of sorts for speech or voice-based applications. The market has been waiting for these apps to become mainstream for five or six years. Now the moment may have arrived, especially when it comes to mobile search.

I attended the event with Dan Miller and Pete Headrick of Opus Research and I’ve written up some thoughts and observations about Conversations and mobile search more generally. Opus has just launched a Speech Enabled Mobile Search practice that will cover the emerging mobile local search space and, in particular, the role that voice will likely play in the transition from directory assistance to multi-modal mobile apps. (Say that 10 times fast.)

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