Monday Morning Miscellany

There’s always more to write about than time to write. This week I’m going to ease up on my beloved blogging a bit to concentrate on other things that need to be addressed. So there may be a few days this week without any posting. It will be a test of my resolve.

Anyway, here are some items from this weekend and this morning that caught my eye:

Since Yahoo!’s stock took a hit a couple months ago when CEO Terry Semel announced that Q3 revenues would be at the low end of guidance, there’s been growing speculation about Yahoo!’s future and whether it would merge, acquire or be acquired. Much of this speculation is wild and probably way off the mark. Now it has reached Fortune, with an article outlining a number of potential courses of action for the portal. Last week the Wall Street Journal, in an article about Comcast, speculated whether the cable giant would seek to buy Yahoo!

The NY Times (reg req’d) reports that brands and marketers are demanding independent traffic and click auditing. This goes to click fraud, but also the larger confusion and conflict over whom to believe: traffic measurement firms, publishers, etc.

John Battelle and others posted about YouTube removing copyrighted clips, including from the Daily Show, during the past several days. Here’s the NY Times’ summary overview on the subject. Copyrighted material is partly why YouTube became so popular. Google now needs to do a bunch of quick deals to ensure that material remains on YouTube. If it fails to do those deals and keeps “purging” copyrighted content, YouTube fans will start to lose interest. I dispute the idea that user-generated content is the principal attraction of the site. That’s only partly true: you need both “the head” and “the tail” for success.

This morning, iMedia briefly mentions a new technology embedding product links in user-generated media and specifically video content: product linking or “plinking.”

From CNET, Brightcove is angling to become a video marketplace, both launching new tools for ad insertion into online video and offering syndication/distribution to third party sites. The aim is to become the AdSense of online video. Here’s more from MediaPost on the same story.

Hitwise’s LeeAnn Prescott posted about a spike in Second Life’s traffic and the changing (read: aging) demographics of site visitors. As brands and others seek to capitalize on the popularity of the virtual world, some denizens are upset. Several articles recently appeared to this effect. It will be interesting to see how Second Life’s founders balance the demands of marketers and the interests of “residents.” There’s clearly some tension there.

CNN writes about Apple being awarded a patent for “for a speech-recognition technology” tied to mobile phones. I don’t know how that is, given all the patents already in the space. But speech is the natural mobile interface and the one(s) that get it right, with a combined SMS or other “output,” will have a powerful application that could break out with mobile users.

Here are mspatial’s top ten mobile local search categories in the UK for September: 1) Fast food & takeaways, 2) Drinking, 3) Taxi, 4) Supermarkets, 5) Cinema, 6) Hotels, 7) Bed & Breakfasts, 8. Home & Garden, 9) Electrical & Electronics, 10) Clothing & Fashion

Business intelligence site seeks to add business/social networking and will, accordingly, be competing with LinkedIn. (See Bob Tedeschi’s NY Times story.) New networking/research site Jigsaw sits somewhere in-between. Here’s more from The Kelsey Group on Jigsaw.

Finally here’s an interesting, very long article on the buying power of women from the Sunday NY Times. This goes to the “Momster” phenomenon and why it’s potentially so powerful.


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