MingleNow: Local Social Net + Loyalty

Here’s a new online-offline social networking site for bars and restaurants: MingleNow. Matt Marshall at VentureBeat has the full rundown:

MingleNow also allows you to earn VIP points. You get points by inviting others to join MingleNow, and you can redeem the points offline, with free drinks at bars, for example. Bar owners see it as a way of reaching out to new potential customers, and letting them know about promotions.

The company is owned by lead-gen/online marketer Blue Lithium. Blue Lithium’s CMO is Dakota Sullivan who was formerly with LookSmart and knows the local space relatively well.


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  1. Vinchi Says:

    apart from the points system how much different is it from http://www.matchactivity.com ? Match lets the users post activities that range from hiking to clubs and everything in between and auction off the date.

  2. Foursquare and the LBS Biz Model « Screenwerk Says:

    […] However all that may be just fine for Foursquare and may lead to brand sponsorships as well as local business promotions by bars, clubs and selected restaurants. It’s very reminiscent of the now defunct online network MingleNow. […]

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