Kudzu Launches in Three More Cities

Cox-owned Kudzu, which conquered Atlanta, has announced its formal launch in San Diego, Las Vegas and Arizona. Here’s the full release.

Kudzu is one of the best-of-breed local search sites, in my opinion.


One Response to “Kudzu Launches in Three More Cities”

  1. AhmedF Says:

    There are many interesting things to note and discuss:

    1. The press release notes 1.7 million unique visitors. This puts it ahead of Yelp and Insiderpages (with ‘only’ 45,000 reviews)

    2. 16,000 businesses have updated their listings. I assume this is just for Altanta – that is a very significant number.

    3. How much has Cox promoted this? I’m sure Cox’s reach is something other social review sites can only wish for (both to consumers and businesses)

    4. The release says Las Vegas, San Diego, and Arizona. Why an entire state (the zip is for Phoenix). Why those other two cities? I assume Cox has a well established presence in those three areas?

    5. The easiest place is always your own background (yelp with SF, insider with Pasadena, etc). Kudzu’s home was Atlanta, but what about the expanded areas? Were new people hired?

    Anyway lots more other questions to ask – perhaps I should just start my own local-oriented blog šŸ˜‰

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