MySpace an Eventual Threat to Traditional Media?

Back in April I posted about an article in the Dallas Morning News that discussed how some traditional local businesses (as opposed to tattoo parlors) had discovered MySpace as an effective marketing tool — that was free.

Now Loren Baker on Search Engine Journal finds a similar story in a Kentucky paper:

The Courier Journal of Kentucky is running a story on the success of local businesses which are promotiing on via setting up MySpace profiles.

Seems that bars, clothing shops, coffee shops and gift stores in the area are focusing highly on establishing popular MySpace profiles and connecting with users in their local areas.

Peter Berkowitz, owner of Old Louisville Coffee House, [says] the effort was so successful that he abandoned his traditional Web site in favor of MySpace.

“It just seemed redundant,” said Berkowitz, 32, who uses the MySpace profile to post electronic bulletins about live music events, art shows and poetry readings.

… Berkowitz said he gets about five requests a day from people who want to be “friends” of the shop’s MySpace page, giving them access to its calendar listings, photos and other details.

Yahoo! reported increased competition for graphical advertising as one of the reasons for its softer quarter. Among its new competitors are social networks such as MySpace. Yellow pages and/or newspapers may themselves find that over time certain categories of advertisers start to experiment with social networks like MySpace because of the demographics — although users are now older — or the reach or both.

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