SuperPages to Spin

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While AT&T has said it’s going to hold on to its YP assets (and local sales force) Verizon has become the latest telecom to cash out. The intended sale has been public for months but it wasn’t clear exactly what form it would take.

Yesterday Verizon announced it would spin off SuperPages and create a new company, Idearc. Here’s my lengthy Search Engine Watch post, with traffic data.


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  1. diane mucciarone Says:

    As a local competitor of Verizon (Local Internet Yellow Pages, Lowell Ma.), it was not surprising that the company opted for a spin-off. We share several customers with Verizon and they have been telling us that the Verizon Yellow Pages/Superpages reps have been very concerned about losing the branding power of Verizon. Although th Verizon brand will still be emblazoned across the cover of the books, the reps will no longer be able to say that they work for Verizon (ie. the phone company). These same business owners have also noted a dramatic turnover in their assigned sales reps whereas previously there was little or none. Additionally, the owners have noted a marked change in their contacts with the company. Previously, most communication was via the premise sales rep. now they report receiving telemarketing contacts from the Superpages division in Texas. From our vantage point it seems as if Verizon/Idearc is opening the door to further competition as the once monopolistic roots of the company are further removed and older business owners who have been the most loyal are now questioning who they are really dealing with. By the way, we hear that Kathy Harless, CEO of the Yellow Pages/Superpages Divison is in line for a $25-$40 million dollar pay day. Perhaps there is room for us little guys/gals. What changes do you forsee Greg ?

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    I agree, the door is open to more competition. If, however, SuperPages can seize some momentum and do some aggressive things . . . it could be liberating and very good for them. But you’re right they won’t have the Verizon brand to sell as much any more.

  3. Understanding Google Maps & Yahoo Local » Google Vocal Local Phone number change & other thoughts Says:

    […] Currently there is not a lot of PPC advertising in the Google Maps section although the number is growing. But Google has partnered with Verizon to sell PPC, Verizon is spinning off their on-line SuperPages and it appears that local listings with local ads recieve a higher listing in the directory. So not only is Google beginning the monetiztion of directory assistance they are certainly planning more. « Redemption in the Gilded Google Age   […]

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