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CBS will begin distributing local news video through Yahoo! news. Here’s the press release and here’s MediaPost’s story:

Through the deal, Yahoo will post 10 to 20 local news videos a day from each of the CBS-owned TV stations, which cover the country’s major markets including New York and Los Angeles. The clips will be available from the Yahoo home page and throughout Yahoo News, with links back to the stations’ Web sites for viewers seeking more video and news.

Yahoo! also announced two deals today: acquisition of rich media ad vendor AdInterax (including the local marketplace) and a 20% investment in Right Media, which is building an “exchange” for online ad inventory. Here’s the Right Media press release.

This is a big deal for Right Media, which seeks to create a transparent marketplace for all online ad inventory. (AdECN is a competitor in the same effort.) One of Right’s challenges is getting participation of the majors (e.g., Google, Yahoo!, MSN) and this obviously involves Yahoo! Here’s an earlier post about online ad exchanges. (Here’s more on the Right Media deal from Matt Marshall at VentureBeat).

These deals (plus some other stuff) should provide a boost to Yahoo! on the earnings call today.


Here’s more on the acquisitions/investments from MediaPost (reg req’d).

I neglected to mention that CBS news is also feeding video to Google Earth (per LostRemote)


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  2. Joanna Peña-Bickley Says:

    Today started like any other but quicky changed its momentum around 9:15 a.m. The office was buzzing with the news that had hit the streets, Yahoo had made a strategic investment in our open market place, The Right Media Exchange. It proved to be an exciting day for the company and our clients at Right Media as Yahoo Inc (Nasdaq: YHOO) is leading a $45 million round for a twenty percent stake in Right Media and will become a participating member of the Right Media Exchange. See our CEO, Mike Walrath’s comments here.

    Once the news hit the streets my marketing and agency counterparts kept me busy fielding questions and opprotunites… Funny how a bit of pocket change moves industry additudes.

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