Customer Satisfaction and Search Market Share

I originally missed this, but earlier in the week JD Power and Associates released findings of its third “Residential Online Service Customer Satisfaction” study. I’ve written up the information contained in the release in some detail over at Search Engine Watch.

The findings, from a survey of more than 10,000 US residents, are interesting chiefly because the customer satisfaction winners are not the market-share leaders.

Here are the search-engine satisfaction rankings:

  1. Dogpile (InfoSpace)
  3. Google
  4. Yahoo! Search
  5. AOL Search
  6. MSN Search

Compare those to comScore August search market-share data:

  1. Google Sites: 44%
  2. Yahoo: 28.7%
  3. MSN: 12.5%
  4. AOL: 5.6%
  5. Ask: 5.5%

One Response to “Customer Satisfaction and Search Market Share”

  1. Jay Small Says:

    Since Dogpile is a metasearch of the other big engines, customer satisfaction in it also reflects second-hand satisfaction in the others, I’d say.

    IAC should feel pretty good about Ask’s position on this list, though, because it probably reflects strong embracing of the new Ask tools among its current user base.

    IAC certainly has a better chance of gaining market share leverage from high satisfaction with Ask than does InfoSpace with Dogpile — a brand that, through years of design, platform and ownership changes, has never gotten traction.

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