A Day Later, Here It Is!

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Yesterday I was talking about a hypothetical brand-sponsored user-generated commercial contest with the winner ending up on TV:

Imagine this scenario for next year sometime: a major brand marketer has a contest on YouTube (or Yahoo! Video) for the best “remix” or “mashup” or whatever – user-generated online video commercial – featuring its brand or product. That winning commercial is determined by either judges or the community (or both) and then makes its way not only across the Internet (with corresponding WSJ and NY Times pieces) but onto TV.

Next year? How about today!

Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Watch is posting about just such a competition (Doritos and Yahoo!) launching today.

There will be many more of these unless agencies perceive it to be a tired concept. On the Internet things can become cliche in a matter of months.


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  1. User-Generated Local TV Commercials? « LocalMN Blog Says:

    […] Hat tip to Greg Sterling from Screenwerk and to the SEW Blog. […]

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Have you followed the Stephen Colbert “Blue Screen Challenge”? In a brilliant marketing move, Colbert recorded a silly video sequence with a blue screen background and invited mashups / submissions via YouTube. This resulted in tons of free publicity on YouTube and great content for his show…

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