DA and Voice-Enabled Mo-Lo Search

My old firm, The Kelsey Group, just put out a press release about directory assistance and its disruption by “wireless voice search.” Here’s my discussion of that proposition and voice-enabled mobile local search more generally at Search Engine Watch.


What I failed to discuss in the SEW post was sizing the mobile advertising opportunity. The user experience will drive that opportunity. DA will be different than SMS, which will be different in turn than mobile web browsing. The user experience that drives the most usage and lookups will offer the greatest monetization potential. It’s possible that systems will develop that will be wireless “platform agnostic” and distributed across all mobile modalities. But that remains to be seen.

Regardless, it’s emerging that mobile will probably not be separately monetized. Instead it will be an extension of a broader online advertising propostion (e.g., Google, Yahoo!, Windows Live).


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