SingleFeed Simplifies Shopping for SMEs

Say that 10 times fast. 🙂

Brian Smith, an independent analyst and blogger, who writes and and for Search Engine Watch, has launched a business that simplifies the process of submitting feeds to shopping engines. It’s intended for small merchants.

The site (not yet live) is According to the release I received, here’s how it works:

SingleFeed saves merchants a significant amount of time and money by allowing them to create an optimized data feed and correct all errors for that feed through the online service. No software download is required. It might take a little longer to create the SingleFeed, but merchants only have to do it once. Because of his background in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Brian developed SingleFeed with Data Feed Optimization (DFO) in mind, requiring fields that might be optional, but that significantly improve results when used in the right way. Brian and his team will also manually categorize product listings for Shopzilla,, PriceGrabber, Become, and, as proper categorization is one of the biggest drivers of success for merchants.

Best of all, SingleFeed is affordable. During the Beta period, merchants can submit to Google Base (which automatically gets the merchant on Froogle and possibly Google itself) for the special price of $4.99 per month in October and November. Deluxe Submission to Google Base plus any or all of the other 7 shopping comparison engines SingleFeed supports will be just $99.99 per month plus a one-time $29.99 set up fee in October and November.

SingleFeed is consistent with online marketing simplification and syndication programs going on across the Internet for service businesses and, to a lesser degree, product sellers. Most recently Google announced a deal with Intuit (which acquired StepUp) that will enable QuickBooks users to deliver their product inventories to Google.

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