Online News Assn Conference

Lost Remote has some coverage from the Online News Association’s conference (there’s also a fair amount on the site) this past weekend in Washington DC. This is where people discuss the substance of online journalism more than the business side, although that definitely creeps in.

A now relatively common youth panel told the audience what newspapers and journalists continue to hear again and again about news/newspapers:

  1. We’re interested in news
  2. We’re not interested in print
  3. It needs to be free

One “half-empty” (or 3/4 empty) takeaway from this discussion is that news organizations will need to “dumb-down” the news into simple, bite-sized chunks for the youth market. I don’t agree.

Publishers need to adapt themselves to a new medium, which is faster, more visual and more interactive. And, from a business standpoint, most significantly cannot be monetized the same way as the print product.

LostRemote also reports on how newspapers are shooting more video for their sites.


PaidContent has ONA coverage too, but I’m having trouble linking to it.


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