Rumor: GoogTube?

Michael Arrington posts on a rumor about a potential Google acquisition of YouTube. Somebody’s going to buy the site — and probably soon. The question is who? Or is it whom?

Here’s Mark Cuban’s rant (Reuters via CNET) that any buyer of YouTube would be a “moron” because of liability/legal issues and copyright violations.

There’s an irony here of sorts because Cuban sold his (takes you to the Yahoo! home page) for billions in Yahoo! stock (which he wisely diversified/sold). He was ahead of his time in a way but certainly cashed out on an asset that was unproven.


The WSJ’s (sub req’d) Kevin Delany confirms the conversations and Om Malik very colorfully says fuggadaboutit.

2 Responses to “Rumor: GoogTube?”

  1. mike Says:

    no so much an irony as speaking from experience …

  2. The Blogging Times » Google, moron Says:

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