College Wiki Sites and Local Business

On the heels of my earlier social media post I discovered that Michael Arrington at TechCrunch posted about Wikia doing a Facebook and creating college/university specific Wikis. He points to the Stanford Wiki (Berkeley doesn’t have one yet).

If you look at the Stanford site, you’ll see prominently displayed:

Life is More than Studying

The local-commercial implications of this list of links are immediately apparent.

Only those with a dot-edu address can edit, but everyone can see (unlike Facebook until last week) the content. College students control something like $175 billion in annual consumer spending. So if these sites take off, it becomes a big deal for local consumers and businesses potentially.

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  1. Andy Vogel, Interactive in Chicagoland » Blog Archives » College…not just for kids anymore Says:

    […]   “….My former colleague Greg Sterling pointed out on his blog today that a similar concept will make college atmospheres ripe for local commercial monetization through social media such as wikis. Social networking (a branch of, but not to be confused with the more broad, social media) has already proven to resonate among college students with the popular Facebook. […]

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