No Posting Last Night: Blame Ingenio

Ingenio took Chris Sherman and me (and a few others) out to a very nice meal last night at the Capital Grille. There was lots of interesting discussion about local and traditional media, “Web 2.0,” the long-term viability of social networks and local sales channel challenges.

I had too much red meat and red wine and that pretty much killed my desire and ability to do the posting I was going to do last night. 🙂

Today SES Local begins. I was told last night by Chris that the show is “sold out.” Along with Chris, I’m on the podium all day so I probably won’t be posting anything until perhaps I get to the airport later this evening.

As usual, there’s lots of stuff going on that I wish I had more time to cover. For example:

This posting at TechCrunch on “mutli-person SMS” is kind of a metaphor for what’s going on more broadly in the “Web 2.0” world — tons of mostly small companies, often difficult to distinguish, competing for usage and adoption and many cases well ahead of consumer demand (though one-to-many SMS does have a valid use case).

The Yahoo! acquisition of online video editing company Jumpcut yesterday will mean others will probably be seeking to add this functionality to their video sites. Here more from MediaPost and the Y! Search Blog. Related: The WSJ (sub required) discusses how broadband video is affecting cable and TV providers and their desire to provide a richer “on-demand” experience plus better targeting for advertisers.

Om Malik posts about Verizon’s FiOS TV (fiber to the home). Here’s a related story in the WSJ.

The NY Times writes about the slow penetration of broadband in US rural areas.

Two other issues I’ve been thinking quite a lot about are: the problem of inaccurate local data and the problem of competing and divergent traffic metrics and what might be done about it.

More later . . .


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    Lack of Rural Broadband

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