Wallop Launches in Beta

Wallop has been waiting a long time to get going. Finally it has launched in beta (or limited beta). Microsoft spun it off and it’s now VC-backed. According to Michael Arrington it will rely on a consumer-pays model and have no ads. According to Rafe Needleman at CNET it’s flash-based and “[p]ages look great, and the interface is much more inviting and interactive than on other HTML-based sites.”

Several of the “social networks” (a term that has less and less meaning) have told me that in their research people are members of more than one online community. But just how many are people going to actively join? And what’s the number to make these sites viable (as ad vehicles)?

There will be lots of niche social networks that appeal to particular groups or interests. But among those that are going for a general audience, I would liken it to email. People often have three or four email addresses but only actively use one or two.


Here’s slightly more from GigaOM (including funding details).


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