Jingle Debuts SMS Ads

Jingle Networks (1-800-Free411) has launched promotional text messages, which are opt-in for consumers:

Using the new SMS service on the 1-800-FREE411 network, marketers can enhance their audio campaigns by allowing consumers to respond to their promotions both directly via phone or elect to receive a text message containing additional information, such as the requested phone number, or a promotional offer – all leading to higher customer conversion and revenue potential. The SMS feature can be used as part of a sponsorship ad or deployed in a targeted direct response offer.

This is essentially mobile couponing (via text). Cellfire and others are seeking to exploit coupons in a mobile environment. In the UK, Miva and InfoNXX’s 118118 directory assistance service have had success with a similar program.

CBS is the first advertiser to use Jingle’s new text offering to promote its fall TV lineup. Here’s the release.


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