Party on Kevin, Excellent!

Remember Mike Myers and Dana Carvey’s “Wayne’s World” Saturday Night Live skit and later movies? They were prescient about broadband video, although at the time they were lampooning cable TV.

With user-generated video we will soon have 500,000 Wayne’s Worlds. But some of them will get serious and spawn businesses and maybe even media careers. Digg co-founders Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose have just received funding for their Wayne’s World-esque video enterprise, Revision3 Corporation.

The NY Times has the story:

It is trying to capitalize on the rapid growth of Internet video, and its founders hope that their programming formula, a hybrid of the polished shows created for the networks and the amateur videos that populate sites like YouTube, will be the path to commercial success in this medium.

The company is built around a series of Internet television shows, or video podcasts, aimed at a young, technologically savvy audience, one steeped in “geek culture,” as Mr. Adelson, the chief executive of both Digg and Revision3, put it.

The most popular show so far is “Diggnation,” which is already in its 64th weekly episode. Each installment features Mr. Rose and a co-host, Alex Albrecht, 30, sitting on a couch, drinking beer and talking about some of the most popular stories that have turned up on that week. Invariably, most of these are technology-related.

In some ways this is the second coming of TechTV, for which I worked in 1999-2000.

Life imitates — art.


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  1. Wayne and Garth get financing » Mathew Ingram: Says:

    […] I realize I’m not the only one who has made the connection between Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht of Digg and Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World, but I figure I have just as much right to use that analogy as anyone, since Mike Myers and I are both Canucks and I live about six blocks from the high-school he went to in Toronto. So there. Party on. […]

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