Next Up for Online Video: User-Edited Content

I had an interesting conversation this morning with Forbes’ Rachel Rosmarin about social networks and a new wave of online video editing tools/companies. Two such companies are Jumpcut and Cuts, Inc. These companies make it easy for users to edit media — online. These tools and others like it are going to open a new wave of “creativity” (and potential legal problems) for user-generated content.

Yet this is potentially revolutionary stuff: users “remixing” existing video, user-created commercials for brands (or parodies) and so on.

Warner Music has impliedly embraced this next trend, while Universal is angrily resisting. Although the DRM (digital rights management) issues are thorny it makes no sense to resist. For an explanation as to why, I point back to my Grateful Dead post and the YouTube/Lazy Sunday experience.

Think of all the Star Wars fan sites and Star Wars parody videos that got created. Lucas and Fox could have quashed all this but they were wise not to. It ultimately helped strengthen the community and promote the franchise (and sales).

Marketers are still slow, fearing the loss of control of their brands, to embrace social media. But for those that “get it” and do embrace it there are many tangible rewards (read: $) to reap.


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    […] The Yahoo! acquisition of online video editing company Jumpcut yesterday will mean others will probably be seeking to add this functionality to their video sites. Here more from MediaPost.  Related: The WSJ (sub required) discusses how broadband video is affecting cable and TV providers and their desire to provide a richer “on-demand” experience plus better targeting for advertisers. […]

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