eStara Deal with Cox Newspapers

On this blog I often criticize newspapers, but I’m really rooting for them. Tough love, and all that. 🙂

In fairness to newspapers, there’s a ton of experimentation going on right now. At least four newspaper groups are working with different vendors in the “local SEM” arena: McClatchy, MediaNews, Freedom Communications and Hearst.

Amid the crisis in newspaper publishing there’s lots of interesting opportunity and openness. As another example, Cox is embedding eStara’s click to call modules in its classified sections on its newspaper properties. (eStara was just acquired incidentally.) Cox also owns the innovative, which it has done a poor job of integrating into its newspaper sites (e.g., [scroll, lower right. “Yellow Pages” is powered by]).

Click to Call for Cox isn’t currently being monetized as a PPCall ad product, but it will presumably help sales and will be something of a differentiator for the newspapers in an increasingly competitive online classifieds environment.


Here’s somewhat more in an article based largely on the press release from CRM Today.

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  1. eStara Says:

    Online Classifieds Bigger than Ever

    Earlier this month, comScore released new data which showed that online classifieds are growing at a tremendous rate.  According to a report by

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