NY Times Continues Evolution with Answers Deal

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MediaPost (reg req’d) and Loren Baker (SEJ) report on a deal between the NY Times and Answers.com. From MediaPost:

The offering, provided through a deal with Answers.com, allows online readers to get more information about any word in an article by pressing the “alt” key while clicking on that word. A new window then opens that provides either a dictionary or encyclopedia entry about the term.

What’s interesting about this is that it continues the NY Times’ evolution from an online newspaper to something very different. MyTimes (which echoes Live.com and Google personalized home, as a newsreader), TimesSelect (with Furl), video and other features point the way to a news-content portal rather than an online version of the newspaper.

At the same time, going a bit in the opposite direction, the NY Times has partnered with Microsoft to deliver the application “Times Reader,” which will allow the paper in the print look and feel to be downloaded to the desktop and mobile devices: “The software would allow The Times to replicate its look — fonts, typeface and layout — more closely than its Web site now does.”


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