Quick Hits and Travel

I’ve been traveling the past few days and haven’t been able to post as much. Here are a few quick hits:

Yesterday the big news obviously was Yahoo! warning that its ad revenues would be on the low side of guidance, based on softness in the automotive and financial-services segments. That news sent the stock down almost 10% (here’s the WSJ article). The question is: is this just Yahoo! or reflective or greater weakness in online advertising generally. We’ll see when third quarter earnings come out and Yahoo!’s competitors (read: Google) report.

Today, the WSJ reports on a partnership between Yahoo! and Al Gore’s CurrentTV: “The Yahoo Current Network will combine Yahoo’s technology for finding, watching and uploading videos online with Current TV’s blend of professional content and user-submitted video to create programming designed to appeal to younger audiences.” (This is quite interesting but I’ve got no time to write more.)

Citysearch launched in San Diego, California (didn’t they already have a site?). Citysearch is the basis of Ask Local. I had a fairly long and interesting conversation with Citysearch EVP Scott Morrow, which I’ll blog about later.

Zillow.com has added personalization features and the ability for homeowners to publish their own information beside Zillows home-valuation “Zestimates” for public viewing. Here’s my post at Search Engine Watch.

Google upgrades it’s Base interface and drops the search box. Search Engine Journal reports on Google’s previous acqusition of “deep web” classifieds engine Transformic, Inc.

Microsoft Live Expo adopts AdMission’s self-service ad creation platform. Here’s more from ClickZ. (Disclosure: I’m on the AdMission board).

More later . . .


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