Yahoo! to Make Big New Marketing Push

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The Wall Street Journal (sub req’d) is reporting that Yahoo! plans to launch a “multi-million dollar” ad campaign (by WPP Group) that will revive the tagline “Do You Yahoo!?” The ads will appear on TV, in print, on radio and in movie theaters. (Here’s an older ad from a previous campaign I found on Google [couldn’t locate on YouTube or Yahoo! Video].)

From the article’s limited information it appears it will be both a general branding a campaign and a way to call attention to specific features of Yahoo! like Answers and the new homepage. There’s no mention of the new Mail, Video, wireless/Yahoo! Go or Local but I would imagine they’re somewhere in the ad mix.

On the narrow question of search, previous ad campaigns by Microsoft and Yahoo! have not been able to change consumer habits. But the goals of this campaign appear to be varied and broader.

The idea of a single, unified brand as a gateway to content across multiple platforms and the notion of Yahoo! as a way to simplify and make sense of an increasingly complex consumer media landscape makes sense. While the popular association of Google’s with search may be impossible to break at the moment, Google doesn’t own the concepts of convenience, efficiency and breadth. It also doesn’t own mobile.

Messaging and execution are critical here. The campaign(s) will have to be memorable and effective in conveying the specific benefits of using Yahoo! (vs. competitors) even as they try and establish some broad themes associated with the site.

I’ll be eager to see the positioning and the creative.


Here’s some additional detail from AP.

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