Apple’s ‘ITV Completes the Picture’

Blogging from the Apple store. The Apple announcement of a device that connects the PC and the TV easily and wirelessly will make movie downloads viable. Although you can’t burn a DVD, this does allow for a better user experience. Most people don’t want to watch full-length content on their PCs

But the question for Apple is can they strike a broader set of deals than just Disney?

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  1. AOL to Port Broadband Video to TV Too « Screenwerk Says:

    […] Some time ago AOL forged a partnership with Intel — I don’t know whether it was ever announced — to leverage its ViiV technology for AOL broadband video. I was having a casual conversation with an AOL corp. comm. person about how it would allow PC video downloads to be transferred to TV in February of this year. Until today, I had forgotten entirely about that conversation. (See, your secrets are safe with me.) Now CNET’s Michael Kanellos blogs about a forthcoming announcement regarding AOL video content being watchable on TV. One of the key missing pieces in all the broadband video frenzy is the ability to transfer that video to the TV. The Apple announcements of last week revealed such a device in “ITV” (working title). (More coverage here from CNET.) […]

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