We May Have Free Nationwide Wi-Fi Yet

Om Malik has a roundup of municipal and state-wide efforts to build out free or low-cost networks. The NY Times discusses a partnership to bring free (and fee-based) Wi-Fi to SiliconValley as a whole.

Broadly available, low-cost Wi-Fi means:

  • The Internet can push to near ubiquity in major population centers
  • Everywhere, always-on means more hours, more usage
  • Wi-Fi mobile devices can be used as phones (carrier voice MOUs and data revenues go down). And consumers can be more accurately targeted for LBS
  • Telcos and cable co ISPs (unless they’re building the Wi-Fi networks) have diminished power to enact Net non-Neutrality

But it also potentially means less data security and more nasty surveillance by crooked governments or private sector criminals.


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  1. Webomatica Says:

    Free WiFi Coming to Silicon Valley

    Latest news via the NY Times reports that free WiFi will be coming to Silicon Valley, including all towns in San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, and Santa Cruz counties, which is a huge area to cover. There will be tiered services based on speed and price…

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