BellSouth Operator Services and Category Search

BellSouth announced that it has added local category search — using the metaphor of online “keyword” search — as part of its landline 411 service. BellSouth has had an “enhanced DA” service for some time. But category search is a new feature.

This is also a service that will be coming to mobile DA (or its free equivalents).


2 Responses to “BellSouth Operator Services and Category Search”

  1. New Pressure on Traditional Directory Assistance « Screenwerk Says:

    […] Related: Recently BellSouth Operator Services added category search as part of its “enhaced directory assistance” offering over traditional landlines. […]

  2. Bill Says:

    Category search is a great idea, but that feature is becoming a “top bidder wins” to get listed in first place. Be careful about using this feature because you may be led to the most expensive provider for what you are looking, such jewelry stores or flowers.

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