Kaboodle Lays Claim to ‘Social Shopping’

Other than Yahoo!’s “Shoposphere” the comparison engines haven’t really clued into social media — other than merchant and product ratings. They’re on the CPC gravy train and probably aren’t thinking too hard about where the Internet is going. But sharing/bookmarking/social search site Kaboodle has now added price-comparison shopping and groups, among a couple of other new features.

Here’s the release.

Kaboodle has only been live since February of this year and is moving aggressively to establish itself among the top tier of social media sites. Along those lines it recently announced a deal with eBay.

Shopping on the site is powered by Shopping.com‘s API (a smart innovation on its part to gain broader distribution for merchants). Individuals create pick lists/collections, which can be of products (e.g., “Outdoor Furniture“) or other Web content (e.g., information on religion). Users can search the site for public collections and see what people have saved. For example, here’s a search in Travel for “Europe trips.” (Similar, but less developed than Yahoo! Trip Planner.)

Back to products . . . Users can click on particular collections (teak bench) and get price comparison data and potentially buy via the Shopping.com partnership.

Since one of the big consumer use cases for comparison engines is price shopping, this is a great service to integrate into Kaboodle’s social content. Now users don’t have to go off site to check prices or to buy.

The new Groups allows users to collect and share content, ideas, etc. and is also a logical extension of the site’s value proposition.

Note that Shopping.com is an eBay company as well. eBay, as I suggested in the post regarding Kaboodle’s earlier partnership, is a likely acquirer. An integration of Shopping.com and Kaboodle would make sense and help differentiate Shopping.com from competitors.

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