eBay-Google Deal: More PPCall Clarity

The WSJ and NY Times articles were a little vague on details re the implementation of the eBay and Google deal. I reached out to Google and Skype and just got off the phone with Skype. Here’s more information:

  • The Google-eBay AdSense deal is international. Click to Call/PPCall is US only for now.
  • This is a much more significant deal than I realized because this IS Google’s entry into PPCall in the US. It will be tested sooner but roll out mid 2007. After that it will likely roll out internationally at some point.
  • People with Google Talk or Skype software installed on their computers will have the option to use either system (on either platform) to initiate calls. The statement was that both companies were opening up their marketplaces to both voice clients. While it’s not entirely clear yet what happens if I have both (as I do), presumably users can specify a default system for further calls. If neither system is installed Google or eBay may promote a software download. (That scenario is tbd.)
  • I asked: “Why does Skype need Google?” I was told that this deal was to bring complementary strengths to the table to help accelarate the adoption of PPCall. Google has search volume and advertisers; Skype has much more distribution/adoption of VoIP than Google Talk. Again, users will be able to use Skype on Google results pages.
  • There has been no decision yet (officially) on whether eBay PPCall advertisers will get distribution on Google and Google advertisers on eBay. Assume probably yes.
  • I asked about Yahoo! Skype said that part of the US Yahoo! partnership involves click to call/PPCall and that Skype intends to continue with that relationship. Speculating, I would imagine that a similar, more specific PPCall deal will be announced with Yahoo! at some point.
  • Free “Skype me” buttons/integration will still be available to eBay sellers. PPCall is about offline transactions from Skype’s point of view

So now that I know more, what about all this?

  • This is Google’s US PPCall entry (though it may not be limited to this). It potentially “mainstreams” PPCall for online advertisers
  • It does leverage Skype’s distribution (as well as Google’s potentially) for eBay. It doesn’t appear to be a statement of “weakness” about Skype.
  • An interesting scenario is one where Skype becomes a search platform that serves up PPCall advertisers from eBay, Google and potentially other partners. So it’s Skype as a local search directory/engine.

I’m sure I’ll think of more later.


Here’s the eBay press release.


8 Responses to “eBay-Google Deal: More PPCall Clarity”

  1. Tim Cohn Says:

    Will this ultimately support and augment the online industry’s efforts to get the Yellow Pages to push pay per call through their feet on the street or will it supplant the YPs?

  2. Mark Says:

    Did you notice that this Reuters story spells eBay as “eBay”, “EBay”, and “Ebay” all in the same article?


    Coupled the the requirement that Yahoo! be spelled with the exclamation mark in serious new stories, I am offended and think the whole matter Ludicrous!

  3. Mark Says:

    I want to make sure I’m understanding this correctly. When this rolls out, some Google search results will have a “click to call” button on them. When someone clicks the button, she’ll be able to (1) call via Skype, (2) call via Google Talk, (3) download either Skype or Google Talk, or (4) use the current Google mechanism of typing in her phone number and having Google connect her to the merchant. Is that right?

  4. mark@o Says:

    So is this the same two companies that were being viewed as fierce competitors over payments? As I recallo, EBay stock took a hit when GPay was announced, and clarified that it had no need for GPay.
    Any insight on how that comes into play here? Somebody got religion?

  5. Dean Collins Says:

    The problem with the google technology is it is flawed. It would have been hot in the 90’s but technology has now moved on.

    There are a number of vendors out there offering far more intuitive and less intrusive solutions however only 1 has a true clientless offering.

    http://www.Mexuar.com is a small but dynamic UK company who have recently launched Corraleta at Astricon in London.
    (but already has real paying customers who are using it in real world applications).

    There is a demo on my website at http://www.cognation.net/mexuar and anyone looking to implement this technology is free to try it out today on http://www.cognation.net/contact


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  8. mike1144 Says:

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    i found skype much good and having good voice and call quality.

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