Unfinished Business and Google a Monopoly?

About 10 things I didn’t get to yet. I’m on a plane to NY today. Will post more later this evening.

See SEW which points to a Fortune article on Google’s importance and centrality to the Internet economy. Kinderstart in its now dead lawsuit tried to argue that Google was a monopoly and essentially should be regulated (they didn’t go quite that far re reglulation but did argue Google was a monopoly).

We’ve seen that Google’s market share is between 45% and 60% (depending on whom you believe). But Google may in fact be so central now to the way users navigate the Internet that it approaches monopoly status. And if it does qualify, what are the implications?

What do you think?


3 Responses to “Unfinished Business and Google a Monopoly?”

  1. Chris Zaharias Says:

    Google has 75-85% marketshare in most European countries, vs ~57-60% in domestically. Given how quickly Google acquired that marketshare – and how quickly it *could* lose it were a better mousetrap to come along – I’m not sure calling Google a monopoly is appropriate.

    Moreover, with Yahoo’s new Panama search system and MSN’s aggressive moves into the space, it’s reasonable to assume that those two competitors will prevent Google from achieving true Microsoft-like monopoly status any time soon.

  2. AhmedF Says:

    To me, the two ‘evil’ assocations with a monopoly is that it 1) locks you down into using the monopoly (ala Microsoft) or 2) uses its weight to expand into other areas, even at great losses (ala Microsoft). No one has to use Google (it is far to easy to switch), and no other Google propery (except I think it was news?) can argue to be a market leader.

  3. ScottS Says:

    I think people are missing a lot with just arguing about Google’s search market share. There is a much more sinister (not to be too dark) thing going on with Google and large corporations like it. They stifle or kill all competition in their zealous pursuit of “do no evil” market dominance. I fully assert that Google is doing evil. Why? They give EVERYTHING away for free. Google Earth, Google Apps, GMail, Google Gadgets. This behavior is truly anti-American and most definitely anti-competitive in a such a way that only a monopoly can pull off. How can a small software developer ever hope to compete if Google just gives things away for free? This idea that they “earned” there status as asserted in PC mags and Wired is pure BS. Using market dominance to drop the bottom of competitive pricing is the most pure definition and the most rotton form of monopoly practice. It seems great to get things for free, until you realize you have no choice – and isn’t this why all you Microsoft bashers out there now hate Microsoft? Blind leading the blind.

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