Gone This Week: Last-Minute Posts

Even as my wife loads up the car — we’re heading off for a week beyond the range of cellphones and email — I’m scrambling to get down some last-minute thoughts. There were three or four “meaty” posts I was going to do that will become abbreviated instead:

This LA Times poll (reg. req’d) shows that younger people aren’t as interested in mobile video as the conventional wisdom suggests.

And here’s a piece from USAToday (last week) on mobile advertising featuring Jumptap an interesting white label mobile search/content/ad company I spoke with at some length in the last couple weeks.

This piece from Saturday’s NY Times (reg. req’d) on privacy suggests (in the wake of AOL’s data fiasco) that there’s an opportunity for a search engine that better guards users’ privacy and doesn’t store data to emerge or seize the moment and market the heck out of that feature.

Again, no posts this week. I’ll be back on 8/20.


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  1. Seb Says:

    Hope you have some vacations!

  2. Seb Says:

    Obviously meant “some good vacations”…

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