SES and Some Quick Takes

I’ll be at Search Engine Strategies off and on for much of the next four days. I’m there all day (and night) today. That plus the fact that I’ve got tons to accomplish in this next week means I may post less — if I can control myself.

For now, here are some quick news bits:

  • Ad network Adify launches today. Here’s a rundown from SiliconBeat.
  • This piece in MediaPost (reg. req’d) discusses the Washington Post’s online ad revenue growth, which is meaningful but small in overall dollar terms. Here’s the earnings release.
  • Bob Tedeschi of the NY Times writes about online chat being used to turn shoppers into ecommerce buyers. (Data reflect that the number one reason for shopping cart abandonment is that people are just price comparison shopping.) Online chat/presence is underutilized currently and can help turn people from browsers into buyers.
  • A massive new report from the NAA (“How America Shops and Spends”) finds that Search engines for product or service information have by far the highest incidence usage [vs. other online resources], at 75 percent of Internet shoppers, or 35 percent of all adults in the previous 30 days. Usage is widespread, at 70 percent or more for all Internet shopping demographic groups except for those aged 65 or older, who were at 60 percent.”
  • Jingle Networks will use Metro One for directory assistance services. Metro One (formerly a DA provider to Sprint) was all but dead after losing its major contracts. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.
  • While it’s not entirely clear, “Gelbe Seiten” (“yellow pages” in German) has apparently lost its trademark status according to this press release. The trademark belongs to DeTeMedien, which publishes under license from Deutsche Telekom. Outside the US, the yellow pages brand is owned by one publisher in almost every market.
  • Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch launches a job board (and charges $200 per listing). The value proposition here is that less is more. Employers believe and hope that an elite kind of applicant is reading the site.
  • Webhost Verio is offering DIY online marketing for small businesses. It has a relationship with Websitepros’, which supports its online marketing programs.
  • Interested in the French blogosphere and its readership? Here’s more on a recent study from iMedia.

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