SES Local: Speaking Slots Still Open

The show is one day in Denver, CO on September 28. Here’s how to pitch for the remaining slots:

Local Search Ads
Looking to target a local audience specifically through search ads? This session gets up close with targeting options offer by major players, offering tips, tactics and advice.

Local Search Case Studies
Come hear real life examples of how companies have marketed themselves via local search engines. Presentations cover both improving traffic from free organic editorial listings and through paid listing campaigns. Learn what worked for them and make it work for you.

Local Search Marketing Tactics
This session looks at ways search marketers are tapping into an audience using local search engines, online yellow pages and other local search methods.

Coping with Convergence: Local Search Meets Mobile and WiFi
As our mobile devices get more powerful and WiFi becomes ubiquitous, search marketers will have increasing opportunities to target searches based on specific locations or as they’re on the move. This session looks at current and future opportunities as local search gets even closer to prospective customers.

Ringing in Sales with Pay Per Call Ads
Pay-per-click is the model that rules paid search advertising, but is it as effective in a local search context? Pay-per-call offers an appealing alternative, especially for businesses that have little or no web presence. This panel explores how pay-per-call works and and offers a crystal-ball discussion of what might come.

I didn’t play in role in organizing the show but I’ll be on hand to help moderate panels. Don’t contact me, however. Use the above the link.


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