Spot Runner Partners with Agency JWT for Geo-Targeted TV

One of the world’s biggest ad agencies, JWT, had partnered with small business “ad agency” Spot Runner. In case you were in Estonia for the last year, Spot Runner operates a media buying platform and sells pre-produced cable TV spots that run in local markets. Spot Runner previously announced a partnership with Cendant, which owns a number of high-profile real estate brands such as Century21 and Coldwell Banker.

For that relationship Spot Runner offered real-estate specific ad customization and was able to benefit from the channel to push the product to local franchisees and brokerages.

Now, on the other end of the spectrum, JWT is going to offer the platform to its national brand clients (who at this point are confidential) that want to offer locally customized ad campaigns. What that means is national creative mostly and a local tag or several screens at the end. The voice over also might be locally customized.

Putting aside the hundreds and hundreds of pre-produced TV spots, organized by vertical, that Spot Runner has compiled the company has developed a much more efficient ad buying platform. No doubt that was part of the appeal here for JWT.

What’s quite interesting also is the potential ability to highlight local promotions or specials for national clients and to have more direct response style advertising on TV (which is how TV advertising started incidentally). Local promotions (or 800 numbers in ads) make these TV commercials trackable in a way that conventional TV is not. So national advertisers can potentially see how effective their ads are locally.

As they suggest in their release announcing the partnership, Spot Runner will soon move from just cable TV into IPTV and online video. In my view, it’s only a matter of time before they’re gobbled up by someone.

3 Responses to “Spot Runner Partners with Agency JWT for Geo-Targeted TV”

  1. Phunny Says:

    The custom national/local system sounds like a better paradigm than the local-only used ads from Spotrunner. Certainly, if you have a web-based biz you want be able to go national. Here’s another question: If Spotrunner mispronounces your company name based on what you have typed in their template, what happens then?

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Not sure. I believe they ask for guidance during sign up, but if mistaken would probably “make good.” I’m sure that doesn’t happen much.

  3. Ad Agencies and CBS Invent $40M in SpotRunner « Screenwerk Says:

    […] SpotRunner, has been developing geotargeting for franchises and national businesses (for local broadcast and cable), as well as selling locally targeted TV campaigns directly to small businesses. Most recently the company announced a partnership with agency JWT (part of new investor WPP). […]

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