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I ran into a couple of people form LiveDeal at Inman’s Real Estate Connect yesterday and they told me they had a big announcement coming. Here’s the release:

AdStar, Inc. and announced a strategic partnership to integrate AdStar’s functionality into The combined capabilities of AdStar and LiveDeal will enable classified advertisers to effortlessly broaden their online classifieds listings to local newspapers and offer the newspaper industry a lucrative new revenue-generating opportunity.

What it basically means is that online newspaper advertisers will be able to buy print as an “upsell.” Conversely, print publishers will be able to effectively offer syndication of their ads into LiveDeal:

Participating newspapers will also have the opportunity to upsell online classified advertising opportunities on to their print classified advertisers. The classifieds platform enables newspapers to effortlessly provide their print classified advertisers with a sophisticated and rewarding online classifieds experience, which includes photos, listing enhancements, e-commerce, fraud protection, community-building, identity protection, storefronts and advanced local search capabilities.

There will be more such deals seeking to syndicate or extend the reach of print and online classifieds to third party networks (and these deals will start to come fast and furiously soon). But it reaffirms the value of print, which continues to be effective – albeit less than in the past – as an advertising proposition. Print without a strong online option is much weaker than print plus meaningful online distribution.

Finally, it affirms the importance and value of “the network” – the idea of a “one-stop shop” for advertisers, whomever that may be, to get both traditional and online media distribution for greater coverage in a fragmented media environment.

See, from yesterday, my post “Panel: Don’t Give Up on Print.”


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  2. Joe Zekas Says:

    You really ought to examine AdStar’s history of “strategic partnerships” before concluding this is a big deal.

    The history, in brief: a press release followed by an empty thud.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Conceptually this is where the market is going — that’s my primary interest.

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