No Search Is an Island

A new study cites the lift that display ads provide to search. This might even belong in the “no duh” or “We told you so” category. But it’s always beneficial to have empirical validation of assumptions. It points to the future role of search as a piece of a larger, integrated campaign.

From ClickZ:

A new study from Atlas Institute proves what many marketers have intuitively known: Running display ads can help improve the results of a concurrent search campaign.

The study, which looked at 11 direct response advertisers, found a 22 percent lift in conversions when users were exposed to both search and display ads from the same advertiser, compared to being exposed solely to a search ad. A lift of 20 to 65 percent was seen in eight of the 11 advertisers, while three others saw no positive or negative effect.

The display ads built awareness and consumers then searched for more information. Here’s an older post I did while still at The Kelsey Group about the role of search in a broader campaign. It links to some even older posts on search and consumer behavior.

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