Google Looking for Air Play?

Is Google radio integration with AdWords coming soon? “Yes” speculates the SEW blog citing Donna Bogatin (ZDNet) and techtoolblog (with screenshots):

Don’t be surprised to see Google selling radio ad spots thru their adwords center in the not to distant future. The last time I got a Google survey, it was about print advertisement, 2 weeks later they revealed it in beta form.

One of the more interesting and revealing questions was that Google was planning on putting advertisers directly in touch with production talent for creating radio advertisments. I am betting they have some sort of GUI interface were you put in copy, type of voice to be used, pause points, emphasied points etc… and Google pushes it to a production house.

Indeed, the creative is the key to all of this, as it is with the PPCall advertisers who’ve been ported over to podcasting and DA (via Jingle). Recall that Google’s print magazine ads auction was by all accounts a failure. It’s going to take some thoughtful effort to pull this off.

But the difference (vs. Google Print) here is dMarc, which Google bought earlier this year. Also the prevalence of mobile phones makes direct response ads on radio (while you commute) a reasonable opportunity.


See also, Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal.


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