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YouTube announced a distribution deal with NBC and is apparently “trying to figure out how to build a ‘lasting business.'” (Making money is one of those things it’s trying to figure out :).) Here’s more from the WSJ, Search Engine Journal and MediaPost. And from SiliconBeat, Warner Bros. announced a new online distribution deal with video site

PQ Media has an aggressive new online advertising forecast (via MediaPost): “PQ Media also predicts that Internet Yellow Pages spending will increase to $1.17 [billion] this year–up 21 percent from last year’s $966 million.”

Struggling and recently IPO’d VoIP carrier Vonage announced that it’s offering a USB plug-in that will turn a PC into a phone. Here’s more from the WSJ (sub. req’d)

PPCall vendor VoiceStar acquired Selling Station. Selling Station is described in the release as follows: “Selling Station, based in Princeton, NJ, works with advertising agencies, direct marketers and search engine marketing firms to track local, direct response advertising campaigns.”

From MediaPost, ShopWiki is adding “video reviews.” Here’s more from TechCrunch.

From the Google Blog, more mobile features go international. Ole!

Om Malik has an interesting article in Business2.0 on Ross Levinshon and Fox’s online strategy.

In a commentary on the health of the newspapers, tied to a panel discussion in NY, search marketer David Berkowitz muses about search and the newspaper industry.

Is Digg the new face of news?

Ran out of time for other stuff . . . but I plan to write more about Jellyfish and its CPA model later.


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  1. AhmedF Says:

    Digg is interesting, and a great way to find interesting stories, but I don’t think it will ever become a ‘face’ of news. Beyond mob-rule, the site is still editor-driven (ie every page that hits the frontpage has to be manually approved by an editor). And then of course there is the question of how much user partcipation you can get outside the realm of tech/geek.

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