Jingle Networks Reports 4%-6% ‘Average Conversion Rates’

This press release came out last week (meant to blog about it then) from free directory assistance provider Jingle Networks, reporting average conversion rates of 4% – 6% across categories. However, the company highlighted specific categories to indicate higher rates in some of them: 

Campaigns during the month of May have delivered outstanding results for several categories of businesses and retailers, including:

  • 13.4% conversion for an online ticket broker;
  • 10.6% conversion for a billion dollar cable and telecommunications provider;
  • 6.8% conversion for a national pizza delivery company;
  • 6.2% conversion for an online travel company;
  • 5% conversion for a local automotive service company;
  • 4.6% conversion for a major hotel chain;
  • 3.4% conversion for a law firm; and
  • 21.9% conversion for a local locksmith.

Ingenio provides many of the advertisers to Jingle.

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