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This article in the NY Times (reg. req'd) explores the failed "synergy" of the Tribune Co.'s acquisitions and the challenge the media company faces with its current board turmoil.

On the "good news" front, the NAA released the results of its ongoing "power users" suvey and reported that newspaper website readers are some of the most desirable consumers online. Power users are daily visitors to newspaper websites.

Here are some highlights from the study:

Nearly all Power Users research, browse and make purchases online, strongly leading non-users of newspaper Web sites in these behaviors:

  • 82 percent of Power Users purchased products online v. 55 percent non-users
  • 76 percent browse products for sale v. 48 percent non-users
  • 43 percent download coupons v. just 14 percent non-users
  • 78 percent check store hours and location v. 36 percent non-users

Power Users spend twice as much time online than non-users (19 hours a week v. 9 hours)

Checking local news on newspaper Web sites is a daily habit for Power Users (54 percent v. 7 percent non-users).

Power Users are more likely to use various online services than non-users of newspaper sites (70 percent pay bills online v. 28 percent for non-users; 66 percent get maps and directions online v. 32 percent).

At least 65 percent of Power Users have high speed Internet access at home and at work, v. 50 percent of non users (who have high speed at home). Only 29 percent of non-users have high speed Internet access at work.

Demographically, Power Users are younger, better-educated and more affluent than non-users of newspaper sites:

  • The mean age of Power Users is 39, compared with 42 for non-users (40 percent are between the ages of 18 and 34 compared with 36 percent non-users in that age group).
  • The mean income of Power Users is $73,200 v. $65,900 for non-users.
  • 52 percent of Power Users have college degrees v. 35 percent of non-users.

The "meta-communication"?: advertisers pay attention to us!

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  1. Michael Greg Says:

    So? The Power Users are slightly younger, more educated and make more than the users… But that tells me that the plain users, the regular newspaper readers are slightly older, less educated and make less.

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