Memo to Yahoo!: Buy WordPress or Six Apart

I use WordPress and it has glitches and "cludgey" aspects (like the time I thought I'd lost all my posts :0). But overall it's pretty smooth and, I gotta say, it's a lot better blogging platform than Yahoo!'s 360 (although upgrades are repordedly coming). That's the weak link in Yahoo!'s social media strategy. In my view, 360 is not as easy or elegant as some of the other platforms, even (and maybe especially) Blogger.

But Yahoo! does support Six Apart and WordPress through its small business hosting. In fact, the new Yahoo! Local & Maps blog is on WordPress and so is Yahoo!'s Bradley Horowitz's blog. Here's his 360 blog, which points to his "real blog" on WordPress.

Quickly Yahoo! should buy one of these services — Six Apart has a richer array of products — and integrate it as the blogging platform in lieu of 360. They'll get lots more people (consumers and small businesses) generating content and accelerate their entire social media strategy for Local, small businesses and beyond . . .


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