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Last month when I was in New York, I went to the supercool new 24-hour Fifth Avenue Apple store. It rekindled my interest in buying a Mac. I'm just waiting until the joint OS software gets fully "baked."But tonight, I was again coveting a Mac and watching reviews of MacBooks on CNet this evening, when I finally discovered the local buying option, which I've been discussing but haven't been able to find until this evening.

On the page linked immediately above, you look in the lower right portion of the screen and you'll see a "Want It Now?" option adjacent to "Buying Choices." You're prompted to input your zip and then taken to a page that shows stores with the item in stock, together with prices.

Again, folks, this is the future of "online" shopping. Give me "platform agnostisicm" or give me death!


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  1. realestatemarketing Says:

    Greg – I recently switched from my PC to a 20″ iMac. I wouldn’t go back.

    Bootcamp lets you run anything you need to in XP (mostly games for me, I admit). But since I installed BC, I think I can count the number of times I’ve jumped into XP on one hand. It’s a nice safety blanket to have, but you’ll find you never need it.

    My advice would be to ‘just do it’ (to steal another famous marketing slogan) – you won’t look back.

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