Ingenio Brings PPCall to Podcasting what appears to be a first, Ingenio is going to distribute its PPCall advertisers to podcasts via Podbridge, a company that inserts ads into podcasts. Think of podcasting as on-demand radio, which includes traditional, mainstream and amateur/user-generated content. Podbridge's content distribution includes some high-profile broadcasters such as BBC radio.

The Podbridge system offers both demographic and geographic targeting by soliciting some basic information from users when they sign up/install a required iTunes plug-in. Users don't search for ads, as with other partners in the Ingenio PPCall network. It's much more of a "contextual" play, but the targeting promises to be fairly precise based on the geographic and demographic information.

The other issue here is the creative — these are not text ads. But Ingenio has been doing audio creative on behalf selected advertisers it distributes through Jingle Networks' 1800-Free-411 directory assistance service, which it reports generate strong "call throughs."

If this program proves to be a success — and assuming Google implements the dMarc acquisition and brings AdWords to radio — expect performance-based marketing to extend to radio. Certainly Ingenio is already thinking about how to extend this. But I was told by the company that this is still something of a trial to see how PPCall ads play in what is essentially a radio environment.

Another important thing to remember here is that this is "offline" advertising (mobile too in a sense), though still digital and tied to the Internet.

Here's more from ClickZ and MediaPost (reg. req'd).


TechCrunch covers TalkShoe (a pun as in "really big shoe"): a simple platform for the creation of user-generated podcast "talkshows" with ad insertion. Very interesting.


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  1. Screenwerk » Blog Archive » Jambo Brings PPCall to Radio Says:

    […] Jambo has a deal with Village Voice Media for space in the LA Weekly. Ingenio recently introduced PPCall in podcasts. And PPCall is also appearing in free directory assistance advertising. All of these are "offline" advertising. […]

  2. Screenwerk » Blog Archive » Google Looking for Air Play Says:

    […] Indeed, the creative is the key to all of this, as it is with the PPCall advertisers who’ve been ported over to podcasting and DA (via Jingle). Recall that Google’s Print auction was by all accounts a failure. It’s going to take some thoughtful effort to pull this off. But the difference (vs. Google Print) here is dMarc, which Google bought earlier this year. […]

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